This website will no longer be updated.

After over a decade of positive, people-based education and advocacy work, the North Dakota Progressive Coalition out-grew its structure and reorganized. Success leads to change. There are so many things to do and they all do not fit under one banner any more. Two separate organizations will carry on the work. First, the North Dakota Center for the Public Good will take on most of the former NDPC's work bringing people together for a better, more positive future. Please visit the North Dakota Center for the Public Good by clicking here.  Second, NDPeople.Org will provide a stronger, more effective advocacy effort and you can learn about that by clicking here.


The North Dakota Progressive Coalition's 2005 legislative scorecard, "Beggars Can't Be Choosers," [PDF] contains a wealth of knowledge about the voting patterns of the 2005 Legislative Assembly.

Majorities of legislators voted against child-care income tax credits, economic development accountability, and even defining the non-payment of wages as theft. Other bills designed to help hardworking families in North Dakota were similarly shot down.