About Us…


 The North Dakota Progressive Coalition is a coalition of organizations and individuals from across the state working together to bring about positive change so that all North Dakotans may live with dignity and security in a healthy environment. We believe grassroots community organizing brings positive change to North Dakotan communities. To learn how you can get involved in the NDPC, either by donating, volunteering your time, or attending events, please contact us by phone or email, or attend one of our events, listed on the Calendar page.

We Believe...

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    North Dakota is a wonderful place to live. People leave because they can't make a decent living here. That can change.
  • Communities and what's good for people are more important than private gains for a few.
  • Effective public solutions are based on the priorities of the people will live with them.
  • The marketplace is NOT a god.
  • Public policies must use public resources for the public good.
  • Community solutions should leave no one out - we all do better when we all do better.
  • The people who live and work in their communities must have control over their own economic destiny.
  • Decision-making must involve all people.


Photo highlights from the North Dakota Progressive Coalition Leadership Council meeting in Fargo on April 30 - May 1, 2004.

John Nichols, The Nation

See John Nichols' write up in The High Plains Reader!

He says... North Dakotans "live in the coolest state in the country" with the possible exeption to his home state... that "the progressives of North Dakota, who trace their roots to the fabulous Non-Partisan League, have proven their wisdom again and again.

Don Morrison, NDPC Executive Director; John Nichols; and Susan Helgeland, NDPC Chair and Childrens Caucus representative.

Mark Trechock, DRC; Berry Nelson, NDHRC; and Stephanie Reidy, CWA


Senator April Fairfield

John Nichols and George Barnes, South Central Citizens Coalition




Renee Ulberg, CWA, Local 7301; Stephanie Reidy, CWA, Local 7301;
and Chris Runge, NDPEA